Coral – Moonga

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Coral – Moonga

Coral is a precious Gemstone of bright red color and it comes in lighter shades too. Coral Gemstone flourish at the hollow of the seas. An opaque Gemstone is most effective for female or male for  radiation powerful emotions through absorption of red radiation from visible light spectrum. Through use of this gemstone in gold several diseases can be warded off, particularly tropical fevers, chicken pox, jaundice, fistula, impotency and ailments pertaining to blood. Particularly impure blood. Its use is also most effective in healing ailments like anemia, general debility, weakness, lassitude, body pain ,  allergies, inflammations, cough and cold, bronchitis, pneumonia act.

Italian Coral Price In India.

Capsul Shape Coral – INR 600 per carat

Triangular Shape Coral – INR 1000 per carat

Oval Shap Coral – INR 2000 per carat

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